Access to clean, low cost and abundant energy through solar  



While solar energy is clean, low cost and abundant, its still not widely adopted due to high consumer education costs. At Savera, our goal is to provide easy access and education to solar. We are developing a platform for people, around the world, to experience the power of solar in the virtual world.


Remote Roof Mapping

In order to simplify solar adoption. Savera's technology helps in detecting your roof-top and in order to calculate your solar potential, which the number amount of energy you can produce through a roof-top solar plant   

Obstacles identification on roof

By bringing together complex image processing and machine learning, we identify the obstacles which would effect the solar energy production on your roof. Through this process Savera provides accurate energy generation and savings figures to you   

Virtual solar plant creation

Create a 3-d model of your solar plant on your roof. Savera allows users to also customise the location of the solar panels on the roof according to their preferences 

Savings Reports

Using weather data and localised information from other user in your area, Savera provides real-time generation details and forecasts  

AI powered chat for user education  

We understand how complex and customized solar education can be. Therefore, Savera's technology is built to provide personalised messaging to queries considering on user demographics  



We need your support to collect data from your area in order to make Savera work more efficiently. We need your hep in identifying roof-tops and obstacles on our platform. In exchange of your help we will provide rewards to you.

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