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Our vision is to help people get clean and low cost energy global, though solar 


Clean, low cost & abundant energy

With solar energy, it has become possible for your building to generate enough affordable power to run itself and your devices. Going solar today is difficult, confusing and tedious and people struggle to get the benefits of this wonderful technology. We believe in making solar energy simple, efficient and affordable.

Introducing Savera

We are building a solar assistant which is aimed at transforming how the world goes solar. Savera helps people educate about solar by installing a virtual solar plant on buildings. Savera provides solar capacity of your building, together with day to day savings information and real time wether data. With a machine learning engine at its heart, every interaction with Savera makes it more intelligent.

How our technology helps the world go solar

Savera technology helps in creating a virtual environment for your solar plant. With real-time local solar data and weather forecasts Savera provides accurate solar savings to you.      


We need your support

The intelligence behind the Savera technology is based on real world data, unfortunately this data is not readily available. This is where we need your support to collect data from your area. As focus on new geographies, we will ask you to share information in your area. Data provided by you will help Savera organize and improve solar savings in your area. Every action you take will help in making cheap solar energy an effortless step for your community.

Products and technology

Remote roof mapping

In order to simplify solar adoption. Savera's technology helps in detecting your roof-top and in order to calculate your solar potential, which the number amount of energy you can produce through a roof-top solar plant   

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Make a better world 

All it takes are a few moments of your time to make a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Sign up to support us, incase you change your mind later you can always wish to leave the program at any time.   

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